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Breil are well-known designers of fashionable and fashionable timepieces. Based in Italy, Breil style represents every thing from innovation to seduction. Born in 1942, Breil has turn out to be a well-known brand worldwide, providing comparable high quality and style as its D&G competitor.Company Values “Since 1942, Breil has been the only brand of glamour watches to boast a strong Italian character. Accurate designing and technical excellence have created seductive collections distinguished by avant-garde models. Irresistibly unisex, they are both male and female to the core. It is impossible to part with these essential, ironical, and unconventional watches. Breil clearly discloses the personality of those who choose it. It is the indelible sign flaunted by those who belong to the Breil world and feel at home in it.” “The original and unmistakable Breil lines bring out the essence of matter. Steel, visibility and strength are physical and bodily elements that symbolize the firm and long lasting bond between the accessory and its owner. The design merges elegant, fashionable classical elements with the original details, evidence of a constant quest for shapes, materials and colours.” Even today, Breil believes these values are as big of component of the business as ever, never loosing their strong Italian character. History 1942 marks the 'birth' of the first Breil branded watch. Even the very first watches, the result of careful stylistic research, clearly mirror a brand that is closely knit with period's sense of aesthetics. In 1978 the Manta collection enters the market with watches whose further developments will characterize Breil's success till recent years. Designed for a casual target, these particular dynamic elegant watches win widespread approval as best replica watches the combine readability and an innovative aesthetic trend. The famous advertising campaign "Take anything but my Breil” relaunches the brand in 1994, meeting with unprecedented success and branding its name in the minds of consumers. Beautiful women wear typically male watches in the ads, thus feeling and developing what became a favourite trend at the time. Breil shows off its unisex soul. From Shana to Monica Bellucci, from Talisa Soto to attractive Carre Otis... Breil women have always incarnated the brand's balues and personality: strenth, sensuality, daring and primeval instinct... 2001 marked the creation of Breil Stones, the firm's steel jewellery line, whose innovative and distinctive design perfectly express modern values. Breil Stones the ultimate in Breil's style. That same year Breil achieved leadership in it's Italian markey niche and implemented a statergy focused on international fame. The Exports division was thus formed to manage brand distribution and development abroad, leading to Breil's presence in over 40 countries today 2002 - New international advertising campaign Don't Touch my Breil. The new retail channel is formed and the first flagship store is inaugerated in Corso Vercelli, Milan, in December. In 2003 Binda enters an entirely new sector: September witnesses the launch of Breil leatherwear, a new line that enrisches the brand's world. The second flagship store opens in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, one month later. Breil's franchising project is also introduces at the same time.